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Disney Getaway Doubles As Baseball Mega-challenge For Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs | Mlive.com

Hollywood Doesn't Need Comic-Con - Forbes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Now we're winning tournaments I never imagined winning." The competition is expected to reach an all-time high at Disney. Krzysiak said the top travel programs in the country routinely gather at this World Series for the ultimate challenge. "Some of these organizations are breeding grounds for the SEC and Pac 10," he said. "It's Step 1 in where these college and MLB players come from." Krzysiak, who operates the Peak Performance Baseball training facility , said the opportunity to face that competition is what it's all about. "Regardless of how we do, it will do something for the culture of our kids," he said. "After seeing some of the great players from across the U.S., they leave knowing 'How good am I?' and 'What do I need to do to reach that level?' "Once they see that level, the kids start raising the bar. We've seen it happen before." The 32-team tournament features three games of pool play, which seeds teams for the double-elimination portion of the event which runs July 25-Aug.
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Will films like Fanastic Four,Jurassic Worldor Star Wars Episode VII suffer one iota at the box office because 20th Century Fox, Universal (a division of Comcast Comcast ) and Walt Disney Walt Disney chose to (apparently) not bring a panel to this years convention?The very biggest geek-centric films will live or die at the box office based on the interest of general moviegoers who have an at-best passing knowledge of what occurs at these annual conventions.Guardians of the Galaxy arguablygot far more promotional oomph via the cast interview on last MondaysJimmy Kimmel Liveshow after the official premiere earlier that evening orlando vacation package than it will from anything unspooled at Comic Con. The success of films likeThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,Ant Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will depend on the interest of general audiences who have at-best a passing knowledge of what goes down in San Diego every year in late July. We have all too many instances of geek-centric films bringing the house down at the convention (Snakes on a Plane, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World , Dredd 3D , etc.) only to fail to break out with the masses. EvenIron Man(the gold-standard on zero to hero buzz from a Comic Con presentation) got far more promotional mileage out of its crowd-pleasing Super Bowl commercial in February 2008 just three months prior to its release than from its Comic Con introduction nearly a year in advance. The films that are going to be big are going to be big no matter what the hardcore fans think of them, and the films that only play to the hardcore fandom wont fly no matter how loud the audience cheers in San Diego. Whatever films Warner Bros. (a division of Time Warner Time Warner , Inc.) does or doesnt announce regarding its upcoming DC Comics films will be hits or misses based on the strength of general moviegoers, the ones that perhaps didnt even know there was a new Superman movie coming out until they saw theMan of Steelteaser attached to The Dark Knight Rises . The notion that Comic Con is an important marketing tool in-and-of-itself is somewhat of a falsehood, as the success or failure of the various films will depend on the audiences who are made aware of and become interested in said films through more traditional advertising methods.
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